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DEVELOPING LONG TERM COMMITTED relationshipS with ALL CLIENT and customer GROUPS….. your true business partners.

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We have carefully selected amongst others, partners who are experts in their field to also deal with Commercial and Political Risks Insurance where we see a gap in the market that is not properly serviced both locally and particularly in the international and MENA region

Who We Are?

TAGS Management Partners Ltd. IS A NEWLY ESTABLISHED UK Management Consultant and Business adviser absolutely dedicated to making sure our clients get precisely the FULL RANGE OF services they need, WITH FULL 360 DEGREE VISION AND TAILOR MADE SOLUTIONS TO MEET THEIR GOALS.

We offer a full-service range of consulting and management services from our main headquarters in London

Why working with us

Our success WILL LEAD FROM THE FRONT WITH YOU, OUR CLIENTS AND IS founded on our commitment to high-quality corporate service, fastidious attention to detail and our unshakable belief that we can deliver exactly what you need.

Political Risk Insurance

The umbrella term “Political Risks” is used in the Lloyds of London insurance market to refer to specialist insurance policies which provide protection from the financial consequences of unforeseen political turmoil around the world.

Political risks and associated contingency risks were pioneered in Lloyd’s market and policies can be purchased to provide continuous coverage for up to a maximum of seven years.

Originally such insurance protection was mainly purchased by oil and mining exploration/extraction operations but today the dangers of politics hang over companies as diverse as fruit growers in Latin America, film producers in Fiji and bankers in Dubai.

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